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Hello again,

My name is Grace Rai and as a designer born and raised in Houston, Texas, I’ve always been inspired by the ever-changing art and design of the city. I’ve grown up with technology rapidly evolving throughout my life, so I love to explore the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds and how they can be connected through design.

I have been creating for as long as I can remember, from scribbles on the walls to getting my first design award in school, I have always loved bringing ideas into reality. I went to college at Texas State University and am a first-generation graduate with a BFA in Communication Design.


I believe that the best design solutions come out of a rigorous process of research, exploration, and experimentation. I am always excited to try out different programs and see what new solutions technology can create. When I'm not designing, I’m drawing in my sketchbook or trying to figure out how to incorporate my pet goose into my next D&D campaign.

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